Pastor Mike International Preaching

Senior Pastor Michael Drouin, preaches the authentic Gospel and expands and establishes discipleship in the Church — all over the world! In both Dominican Republic and Haiti; from Guatemala to South Africa; England to Jamaica — Zimbabwe to Brazil and beyond, a demonstration of the Kingdom of God follows His preaching. Uganda, Kenya and India are ahead in the upcoming months. Many Men and Women of God have called him a “Prophet to the Nations” — and at Remnant we fulfill this international assignment.

When you plug into Remnant Church and partner with us in the expanse of the Kingdom — you not only receive the reward of touching your local church, community or country. You are touching the world- for many generations to come.

Come and be a part of something bigger than you!

Watch the videos below to see what our Pastor and the Remnant team have been up to — currently and in the recent years!