Up and Out

Maybe life has thrown you a curve ball, and where you find yourself now is nowhere near the place you had dreamed you would be. Whether that is true or not, one thing is for sure. God has a mandated plan for your life and it is never too late to “get on board”…so-to-speak. It is time to quit wallowing in the pit of disappointment, hurt and discouragement.

Romans 10:17 says, faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

How many of us rely on listening to the preacher reading the Bible, a CD or podcast, but what does this verse of scripture actually say? You know prayer was never meant to be a monologue, rather, a dialogue, and that is two people talking to each other. God desires intimate, face-to-face fellowship with you. Although the above is true, God is speaking to you and to your spirit with instructions more often than you’re willing to believe because you have not been listening to Him.

When a Word is given, reason is never required.

Sometimes you have an instinct to do something, and you see the fruit of your obedience spring forth–have you not considered that it came from God? We need to quiet ourselves from our frantic busy lifestyles and spend more time throughout our days waiting for instructions.


Mary had a revelation. Maybe one time the soup was running out at James’ (Jesus’ brother’s) birthday dinner                    and more family members than anticipated showed up to eat. Jesus told Mary to “check the pot again”, and                      behold it was full.

But whatever it was that established her faith, she knew to tell the servants when the wine ran out at the wedding of Cana, “whatever He says, just do it.” She never told them to ask questions, speculate or even wonder; just “obey my son’s voice”.

(John 2:1-11)

When you choose to obey the voice of the Master,

get ready for the impossible, the miraculous and the improbable

to break forth before you.

God is bringing you up and out of your mess–your dry season–to something greater. A transition is about to occur. God is looking for a people to get a hold of His word and believe it! You are about to experience the supernatural.

Be blessed!

Pastor Mike Drouin