Find a mirror, look into it and tell yourself,

“Today is my day for an encounter with God.”

The Church of Jesus Christ was actually born in the supernatural, and because this is our DNA, our goal as a ministry both here and far is to demonstrate what we preach and teach with miracles, signs and wonders. As the Church body, when we don’t demonstrate what we teach, we are not credible. Anybody can teach deep things, but here is the thing: is that doctrine workable? Or does it produce any results? 

          And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord              

          working with them, and confirming the word with signs

          following. Amen. (Mark 16:20)

There is great need and importance for the supernatural today.

The spirit of antichrist will teach and subtly persuade otherwise– cunningly striving to mimic and replace the attributes of the Kingdom of God, for attributes of the kingdom of darkness:

Entertainment has replaced worship.

Psychology and psychiatry has replaced deliverance.

Conviction has been replaced with justification.

Holiness with a greasy grace.

Reason has replaced faith.

Chrisma has replaced anointing.

You can be a charismatic preacher, but still have no anointing. You can move people in the flesh very easily without engaging their spirit. And without discernment, it will appear to be anointing, but just charisma.

The difference is noted in the lives of the people, during service and after. Their lives aught to be in the position of transformation and change.

So many are coming in the church today and they are afflicted, sick in their body and going through a crisis and they need something more than emotional manipulation, carnal counsel, self-help surmise or dry doctrine to resolve their spiritual, physical and financial issues. We need more than powerless rhetoric, world wisdom and compilation of reason.

People have been coming to sermon after sermon, going home with no change, and this is why you have seen the increase in the demonic. People are looking for answers, and the church has failed for years. Hollywood is producing more movies and films about demonic activity than any other time, and they are promoting it as fiction. People are craving the supernatural, but are all along denying a supernatural God, who wants to do supernatural things in their life!

But there is a turn around-a shift! God is going to do a new thing in our church, wherever we go, and in your life! We are preparing an atmosphere for a release of the supernatural by preaching the reality of it, declaring it, and expecting it.

My Pastor, Doctor Rod Parsley, trains that the atmosphere of expectancy in the breeding ground for your miracle.

We must have expectancy-

Faith is your entrance into the supernatural-

The anointing (faith) is released by the law of expectation (hope)-

Faith works through the law of expectation-

Meaning where there is no demand, there is no supply. 

I can tell you that I encounter a major difference with the anointing on my life when I preach overseas at some places and minister to a people that are hungry and ready to receive anything. Their yearn for the Gospel and expectation for a demonstration of it-through an expression of a miracle-has already created an atmosphere (before I even get there) to which I can easily flow in under that anointing on my life for the prophetic and for creative miracles.

The greatest challenge we must overcome in order to live our lives the way that we were meant to, is walking in a revelation of the spiritual reality of our supernatural God. We must enter into the experience of knowing God in the spiritual realm in order to recognize and walk in His supernatural power as the early church taught and demonstration by the unction of the Holy Spirit.

Listen to my “Supernatural” series here on this website, realize that there is more to this life than what you have experienced, and  know that you were born to operate in and encounter the supernatural daily.

Be blessed!