Evangelism Team

Evangelism is not just proclaiming the Gospel, it’s also being a vessel in which to
bring a connection through—
a manifestation of the very heart and will of God.

Whether we’re walking the streets, ministering door-to-door, grilling hot dogs in the park (free for whoever may pass by), or traveling the world, be confident that the raw and unadulterated gospel is proclaimed and demonstrated in power.

The RC Evangelism Team consists of individuals who take the Great Commission personally, and have a heart to see God transform lives by His resurrection power. Our group goes out into the community in the direction and giftings of the Holy Spirit—

We strive to be relevant, and meet people right where they’re at—adults, teens, businessmen, unemployed…etc…we have seen answered prayer.

Our goal is to advance a Kingdom—not build a ministry—and this goal is behind everything we do. Whether it’s raining, sunny, snowing, or storming—we have quite the adventures.

 Join with us…or watch for us! We might just show up at your door!